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Enhance Your Efficiency with Our Crating and Packaging Services

Join the ranks of satisfied customers that depend on us for efficient crating and packaging services. ATS World Packaging is the area's oldest and most experienced, locally owned crating and industrial packaging company. We serve industrial and governmental customers in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas.

Our clients know they can depend on us for quality products and services, and that we will do the job right the first time. In addition to engineering and building the industry's highest quality and most innovative custom wood crates, pallets, and skids, we also provide a complete spectrum of additional packaging, logistical, and other customer services, including:

  • Crating or Packaging Our Customers' Products/Contents at Our Facility
  • Engineering and Executing "Combo" Packaging Solutions, Which Include Both Wood Packaging as well as Corrugated and Other Non-Wood Packaging Materials
  • Embedding Our Employees at Our Customers' Locations to Crate/Palletize and Complete the Packaging Assignment Off-site
  • Product Storage at Our 50,000 Sq. Ft. Facility in North Charleston and Managing Just-in-Time Product Releases for Our Customers
  • Complete Container Loading for Overseas Shipments

Our Focus

To provide the highest quality custom packaging products and services, and innovative and cost-effective solutions to both lead our industry and maximize our customers' satisfaction.

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