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Convenient Warehousing Services & Just-in-Time Delivery

What happens when your facility doesn't have enough storage space? Turn to ATS World Packaging for warehousing services that suit your needs. We offer you a secure location where your products can stay until you are ready to move them.

Spacious and Safe Storage

We operate out of a 50,000-square-foot facility in North Charleston. The building's inside ceiling height is 26 feet with substantial cubic space for stacking. There is ample room and flexibility to provide either short-term or long-term product/content storage.

Many customers utilize our storage capacity to enable us to provide just-in-time delivery services that the industry demands more and more. We have a wide variety of material handling equipment to safely and efficiently store and handle your products.

Huge Crates in a Warehouse Pallet Being Assembled Large Wooden Crate

Additional Packaging Options

Let us solve your specific industrial packaging need or problem. In addition to the overall task of physically packaging pallets, skids, crates, and containers for our customers, we can provide many associated packaging options, including:

  • Banding/Strapping
  • Stretch/Shrink Wrapping
  • Foam Cushioning for Pallets and Crates
  • Vapor Barrier Wrap for Hermetic Sealing and Class A Mil-Spec Packaging
  • Molding Foam Protection around High-Value Shock-Sensitive Products
  • Desiccants and Desiccant/Humidity Read-out Systems
  • Utilizing "Best Commercial Practices"
  • Stenciling and Labeling
  • Crate Painting and Applying Waterproofing (including Epoxy Coatings)
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